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Getting an education is a demanding task that requires a lot of energy and hard work to accomplish. It’s any student’s dream that he receives any form of help albeit to relieve the stress and anxiety that comes with education. With the mushrooming of online academic companies many students have been left dismayed with the results of the so called ‘professional writing companies’. A simple Internet search for ‘writing services’ will yield you at least one hundred and ninety two million entries. Begging the question; how do you filter through all these entries to come up with the best company for your academic writing?

Academic Writing Niche Reviews for Students

Traditionally, consumers report publications were relied upon to inform customers on the best buys. The publications would compile consumer reviews and evaluate them to give a balanced view that would inform consumers purchase decisions. Nowadays, with the advent of computers and Internet online platforms have also ventured into consumer reviews. The need for these services cannot be understated as it plays a vital role in ensuring that the best and professional companies are recognized while also enabling consumers get quality and the best deals. It would be sad to note that little has been done in terms of academic writing niche reviews to help students make knowledgeable decisions pertaining professional academic writers. Most consumers’ reviews leave out this important segment, not realizing that students too are also consumers!

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Scrupulous Academic Writers

The fact that an Internet search of ‘Writing Services’ would yield almost a billion entries, means that there exist a proportionate large number of scrupulous and unprofessional academic writers online. There have been cases of the said ‘professional writers’ spinning copied academic work and submitting the same to unsuspecting students. Cases of academic writing companies recruiting clueless foreigners to do the writing at negligible fees are on the rise, with most delivering shoddy work. Other companies do not deliver the work on time and as we all know that students deadline are always critical in determining between a pass and fail. Some of the companies have been reported to be very poor at customer support and are have been found to be ‘missing in action’ when the students need them most to answer their queries. Having realized the challenges that this segment of consumer, encounter republicpress.net was set up to help them in their quest to finding best writing services.

This site is committed to gathering consumer reviews from far and wide, categorizing, ranking and publishing of writing companies based on what the consumers experience when dealing with them. We widely publicize on the Internet to get maximum customer feedback to enable us make objective reviews. We are proud to say that we have been receiving enough reviews from students especially relating to the best top performing writing companies and especially those that appear on the first pages of search engines.

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